City marketing
for Langenfeld.

It is a well-known fact that competition stimulates business. That is why Langenfeld launched a city marketing campaign aimed at companies to move to their beautiful city. The slogans "Settle in Langenfeld and save a heap of money" and "More space for good business" refer to the particularly low trade tax rate and new commercial sites. For a city, quite provocative and straight-forward. The out-of-home campaign was located mostly in neighbouring cities (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Monheim and Leverkusen) to attract surrounding businesses to Langenfeld. The campaign included several 18/1 and Citylight posters, location brochures in various languages, a landing page and support from our public relations team. As a mailing, more than 1,000 managing directors from Cologne and Düsseldorf received small relocation boxes from Langenfeld as well as a brochure and a checklist.

did it work?

The campaign's success is based on an unusual idea and strong PR strategy. The provocative placement of the campaign in neighbouring cities caused a stir in the press and among the neighbouring city councils. With our professional PR support and a press conference, the campaign was able to unfold its full potential and generate the required awareness. This way, we were able to make a great impact, even with a limited media budget.

Over 25 press releases in local and national media (Die Welt, W&V, Rheinische Post, Bild, etc.), TV reports in the Lokalzeit Düsseldorf and RTL West as well as radio reports on Antenne Düsseldorf. Soon, the first companies started pouring in.

"a bold city campaign
that made national

Evi Papadopoulou, PR