Too good for most things, but always improving.
This is our story.

marketing with heart and soul.

Jeannine Halene, CEO and founder of FanFactory
Düsseldorf-based advertiser Jeannine Halene is a woman beyond mediocrity. She is a successful entrepreneur, an international bestselling author, an award-winning founder, a committed resident of Düsseldorf and a mother of three. The disciplined ex-prima ballerina dances through life with ease and never loses sight of the essentials.

Through various social projects (Benefiz Gala Doc Heilein & Friends, KUNSTFUTTER and Ocean Innovation Group) she is committed to making the world a little better and communication a little louder.

In 2015, the Düsseldorf native wrote a bestseller together with success coach Hermann Scherer titled "Marketing - Jenseits vom Mittelmaß" (Marketing - Beyond Mediocrity). The successful marketing book has been translated into several languages and has received international recognition. And with the start-up Vorzeige Helden (translates to Showcase Heroes), a presentation agency for effective PowerPoint presentations, which she founded, the advertiser is also celebrating successes: in 2018, the start-up was named Innovator of the Year by the business medium "Die Deutsche Wirtschaft". In 2020, she launched KUNSTFUTTER, an initiative to save local gastronomy in Düsseldorf. With her creative agency FanFactory, she is responsible for the communication and campaigns of international companies.

This business graduate scores with good strategy and ideas that are anything but ordinary. For many years, she has been supporting clients in special consulting projects directly in the company. Marketing management consultancy. For many years, she has also been active in the political world, advising politicians beyond marketing issues.

Jeannine Halene






nope - it just happened

more than 10 years ago...
Okay, when you're young you don't know much. But after an internship in my uncle's (Gramm) advertising agency in Düsseldorf, I knew one thing: I didn't want to work in an advertising agency. Way too stressful. Too wild. Congratulations Jeannine: That didn't work out ;-)

champagne is out. everything back to square one.

Not bad! Quitting a successful job at a corporation in America sounds silly at first - but it was the right thing to do. In 2009, it was simply the desire to be able to make things happen with great quality and self-determined. Successful and fulfilling is not the same thing. So everything back to square one!

office? better late than never.

Former customers asked "Can you do this for us?" and brought the first marketing jobs. Then the same clients asked "Can you also implement it?" because, after all, good ideas need equally good execution. "You bet, yes we can!" was FanFactory's answer, founded shortly after at a Starbucks branch in Düsseldorf. With first designers, many things were suddenly possible. Thanks for the Caffè Latte, the free WLAN and office space - thanks Starbucks.

the madness from ober-k.

With our first office, about the size of a shoe box, in the feudal Düsseldorf Oberkassel, things really took off. Suddenly the phone rang by itself. The former contacts had now been joined by new customers who, with a lot of recommendation and little acquisition, found out that we do things a little differently. For small companies, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations, we were happy to get our hands dirty and enthusiastically tackle even the most difficult issues. The reward: With success, more and more people were employed and the team moved to a fancier office.

my biggest fuck up. lesson learned.

It went well. So well that we had capacity bottlenecks. Luxury problem! One of my most important customers at the time wanted to realize a large project with us. Of course, we were in. Other jobs were turned down and then... things took a turn for the worse: the customer withdrew the order and had us looking stupid. All we had was a handshake and a gentle-women's agreement. Instead of growth came reduced hours and long faces.

vorzeige helden.
our phoenix.

We were looking for solutions. And there it was: We founded the presentation agency Vorzeige Helden. Not only did we manage to boost the workload quickly - but it got much better: We won our first award and were named Innovator of the Year 2017.
Further awards such as “Düsseldorfer Unternehmerinnen Preis“ & „Jahrbuch der Werbung“ followed.

beyond mediocrity.

That's us: With our naughty & brave campaigns, we ended up on RTL and the press is showing increased interest. Small start-up clients have become big brands. But even though there is a lot to celebrate in the meantime: We still make our champagne showers with beer and continue to support our clients from the very start.

the acting minority.

vs. the talking majority. We belong to the first group because we help where we can. With reforestation after the storm Ela, with the action during Covid or at the charity gala "Doc Heilein & Friends". Why? It's simple - for us, design always means showing attitude.

ff goes China

Things are always moving here. We wrote a bestseller („Marketing jenseits vom Mittelmaß” – translates to "Marketing beyond mediocrity"). This made us famous in China, Taiwan and Korea. We went on tour and today also inspire Chinese corporations.

the acting minority.

vs. the talking majority. We belong to the first group because we help where we can. With reforestation after the storm Ela, with the action during Covid or at the charity gala "Doc Heilein & Friends". Why? It's simple - for us, design always means showing attitude.

and the end of the story?

Hopefully not in sight for a long time. Because first and foremost, we have a lot of fun doing what we do. But one thing is for sure: We work with heart and strategy and will never leave our morals behind.