There's love
in every detail.

the art of togetherness.

We are a bit different. And we love it. Our team is made up of people with morals and integrity, but with a tendency to escalate. We are honest with each other and with our clients. That's important to us.

"i'd vouch for these crazy people. any time."

Marvin, Art Director - when asked "can you do this by Tuesday?"

"with collegues like mine, you’ll need to be radically tolerant."

Burak, Art Director - 02:23, christmas party 2021

"cat content for life."

Katharina, Art Director – mentally in Cologne

"anyone can do home office… the real challenge is our daily agency grind"

Anja, Art Director - Monday morning 8:30 a.m.

"say hello to our little fans."

Elisa, management assistant - a different kind of onboarding for our young talent

"the only thing worse than asap is the lack of coffee ..."

everyone – always

"a change of perspective not only helps in photography."

Thorsten, photographer - behind the camera

"you call it chaos, I call it my creative order."

Dennis Gnas, Art Director

  • hugs instead of elbows

    We work together, not against each other. Let me introduce you: We are Düsseldorf's first agency family.

  • being an agency family.

    Our employees like to stick around. Most of us have been here for a while, because we have become family. It’s great for us to have this additional family, but it’s also a big bonus for our clients to have a constant team which they can rely on.

  • brains are the new beauty

    Thinking is allowed! It is important for us to understand before we deliver. We are a team of thinking acrobats and clever creatives.