social media
is key.

Why follow the local car dealer? It's simple. At the car dealer, you can experience vehicles up close. But the journey towards a new car has already begun digitally, on social media. Time is an asset, we optimize our processes accordingly and shit our research online. That is also true for a visit to the local car dealer. First impressions are key. Consuming social media content comes more naturally than researching on websites. Social media is more up to date, intuitive and interest based. Locally relevant, entertaining and informative content adds relevance for potential customers.

To showcase the brand Maserati, we’ve created a uniquely tailored social media concept for Autohaus Günther. With 3 locations and three dedicated channels, the car dealer now inspires their followers on multiple social media platforms.

„can you digitize the
driving experience? no.
can you get excited for it?
absolutely yes!“

Burak Gider, Art Director