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Sustainable power generation and supply has been gaining on importance for years. The international research company SOLIDpower GmbH supplies innovative solid state fuel cell technology and offers a product to advance clean energy transition. With products such as the "BLUEGEN BG-15", nothing stands in the way of the decentralized self-generated power. Your home, personal electronics and your electric car can be independent of the grid.

The campaign is aimed at users with a corresponding energy consumption. A very technical product, but also one that becomes emotionally enhanced by linking it to everyday things and experiences: Movie nights with loved ones, charging your dream car, or uninterrupted gaming sessions. This campaign is aiming at uses across Germany, whilst a supporting cross-media campaign is recruiting new installation partners at the same time.

brand identity and
corporate design.

Technology that not only inspires, but also offers a high level of design. From corporate design to product communication, our team developed and implemented the entire brand appearance.

"we have been part of
this team for years. That
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Katharina Schmidt, Art Director